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Alright, let me tell ya my story of how we got here:
Here's How I Went From Struggling With Ads To Making Millions By understanding How The Entire Market Has Changed 
 This Is Something Completely New & Unlike Anything You've Ever Heard of Before - Read The Story Below To Discover How I Created The AdEngage Framework
Houston, We Have A Problem...

The Desk Of Devin Zander
Downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida

Re: How To Fix Your Broken Ads In The New Economy

Dear Course Creator,

If you're trying to scale your ads right now you've got a big problem on your hands...

You may have noticed ad costs are up...

The SAME ads you used to run now cost 2x-4x what they used to cost, ruining any hope of profitability.

It doesn't matter:

  • How many scripts you try
  • How many audiences you test
  • How much you spend

Everything just seems like it's not working!

Sometimes you'll launch a new campaign and it will start out well and think "finally a winning campaign!" 

Only for your costs to shoot out of KPI 48 hours later.

Even if you analyze all the data to try and make smart decisions... 

Nothing ends up making sense!

(This is our partner Austin with a Snapchat Filter... 
Don't tell him we put this here)

Here's Why It's Not Working Anymore...

Let me ask you a question... 

Who do you think your main competitors are?

You're probably thinking of the other businesses in your niche that sell similar products and services...


However, COVID has accelerated what we call "The ADHD Economy"... 

People spent two years locked inside their house.

They spent countless hours on YouTube, Netflix, TikTok and all these websites.

Which for lack of better term, completely F**KED their attention span...

Ads that USED TO WORK based off good copywriting principles just don't have the same effect anymore

Here's the truth: 

It doesn't matter how good your script is if you can't keep their attention.

So how do you fix all these issues and ACTUALLY run profitable ads in todays climate?

The Secret To Creating Profitable Ads Now

I'm speaking from experience.

I've spent over $290k on ads in the last few months alone (since we implemented Wicked Reports)... yeah I'm not joking around.

I've personally experienced the ups and downs.

I've even have had 8-figure campaigns crash and burn overnight for no apparent reason...

(Even after generating millions of dollars for years!)

It was like a switch flipped and everything I knew about marketing was thrown out the window.

I Spent The Last 2 Years Figuring Out What happened... And I Found It.

It was actually a string of random events that led me to uncover the secret to fixing all these problems...

And once you learn it, not ONLY will it make your ads super profitable 

But it will help you understand WHY the same marketing is no longer working.

Because the shift isn't just about the ads...

You can actually apply this to ALL your marketing

(That includes email marketing, organic YouTube, SEO, your sales videos/webinars too)

Your conversion rates will go up, your customer LTV will multiply and your net profit will dramatically increase.

So let me show you how I figured this all out...

How A Failed Podcast Made Us $1,659,573 In 9 Months

In July of 2021 my close friend Clayton Johnson and I started a marketing podcast

I didn't know it at the time but this side project would end up generating me millions of dollars in profit

Even though the podcast itself was a huge fail (in terms of views).

You see, we both run multi-million dollar businesses and we were dropping hot fire on the mic, giving out PRETTY SICK marketing advice...

(Similar to what you're learning right now)

We recorded our first few episodes... 

Didn't make any edits and just uploaded that bad boy to youtube

Excited for our influx of thousands of views and subscribers



It Didn't Make Any Sense...

Between the 2 of us, we've done over $75,000,000 in gross sales and we're sharing everything we know about marketing FOR FREE 

...Yet no one seemed to care.

So like the savvy marketers we are, we decided to investigate why the podcast wasn't taking off

I spent a few days nestled into my chair, chugging an ungodly amount of Coke Zeros searching the depths of the internet for an answer

And then I stumbled across an underground community of YouTubers who would change my life forever

I learned that one of the main factors in growing on YouTube is getting retention (aka getting people to watch your videos for longer periods of time) 

You see, YouTube measures how good a video is by how long people stay watching.

But here's the thing...

In today's ADHD economy, getting someone to pay attention is waaaaaay easier said than done.

Luckily, these guys were in it deep.

They talked about the psychology of attention and how to keep an audience engaged.

These guys were just like me - except I wanted to use this info to get CUSTOMERS 

(and they just wanted more VIEWS).

It All Started To Click....

The reason my podcast wasn't taking off was because...

The type of content I was creating DID NOT match the current modality of the viewer!

In simpler terms... The viewers on YouTube are there to watch mostly quick 10 minute dopamine hits

And here I am trying to get them to watch a slow paced 60+ minute podcast on marketing

Sure the "die hard" fans of these topics will watch the videos and they did... But there's no way it was going to go viral

Here's the first key to understand:

The content that you produce must match the "mode" of the viewer for it to work.

That's exactly why:

  • A podcast won't work on YouTube (It's too slow, not enough visuals)
  • A YouTube Video won't work on TikTok (It needs to be <1 min)
  • A TikTok Video won't work on Netflix (Netflix is for long shows!)

And this applies for any medium, and is also why most content repurposing never really takes off...

(It's worth noting there are exceptions to the rule, but I would NOT rely on trying to be that exception... you're in for a bad time trying to go against human psychology) 

When it comes to your ads, you need your sales mechanism (webinar, sales page, lead magnet, etc) to match the platform itself

You must consider what "mode" the viewer is in, and what they are looking for.

Now here's the second key:

Once you match the mode, you HAVE to keep their attention

Because, in the new ADHD economy, before there is ever a monetary transaction...


Attention is the most valuable currency in the new economy

And where attention goes, money flows...

So I Figured Out How To Apply The Principles To My Ads....

I started switching my ads to apply these attention principles

I started hooking my audience with the right offers that they were looking for...

I developed a script that 'hooked' them and captured their attention...

And I edited them in a way that nearly tripled my engagement...

And what happened next was crazy....

Everything started to click back into place...

CPCs are down, conversion rates up.

And that meant that my ads kicked right back into profitability.

But I didn't Just Stop There...

I wanted to see if I could take this further..

And it turns out the rabbit hole went way deeper.

I continued to experiment and I didn't know it at the time but those experiments would quite literally change my life

Those experiments became what we now use in our business to generate massive profits from small amounts of people

I uncovered how to:

  • Make underperforming ads hyper profitable (Sometimes even without rewriting the script or even re-recording the ads... Just applying a few easy tweaks)
  • How to edit my videos to dramatically increase viewer retention and my sales (Without slimy gimmicks)
  • The simple "Audience Hook" method that allows you to laser target multiple niches (Even without recording new content)
  • ​How to break the cycle of competing on bigger and bigger promises (and how you can get people excited to watch your ads and content because it's actually ENTERTAINING)
  • ​How I can create super fans willing to buy anything I put out because they connect with me on a deeper level outside of just being their "guru" (This only takes me 1 hr a week to implement)

...And a lot more that led to massively profitable funnels, customers with HUGE LTV and world class conversion rates.

It's Not Just Me Either...

This was working well for me, so I thought I'd start sharing this with a few friends.

They started implementing it in their business and it started producing quite awesome results as them for well

And now my entire marketing philosophy is all about applying these lessons to everything that I do.

I knew I needed to put this out into the world and show other course creators how to FIX their broken ads and start scaling on this amazing platform.

I wanted to save them the pain and trouble that I went through, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on ads...

And so I created the "AdEngage Framework" to show you exactly how you can apply this to your own ads and start winning today....

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try this out for a full 30 days. 

If you don’t get actual results you can see in your business, or if you don’t feel this package made this process easier than anything could, or if you're not happy for any other reason at all, shoot us an email to

And you get every penny back.!

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